BITS Welcome Message - Appreciation All Around - a Message from CEO Jason Jarvis

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Dear BITS Team, Affiliates, Partners, and Customers,

Welcome to the BITS Helpdesk and thank you for the many years of business relationships.  BITS has a growth plan for 2019 and beyond that includes anyone interested.  

I am more excited than ever to be in business!

Some History

BITS was originally founded to provide Enterprise Virtual Office Hosted Services (now many refer to as cloud services), Managed IT Services, and contract Helpdesk Services.  Our intentions were to provide small businesses and start-ups with the same enterprise scale solutions, support, and expertise that large institutions were able to leverage in order to sustain technology expansion. Now literally everything has an IP address (think IoT).

These services were initially offered under our and Simply-Be-Sure product offerings.  It turns out that we were on the leading edge and a trend setter in the industry and now these are main stream concepts that businesses have come to expect and leverage at scale.  It seems that now IT is everything-as-a-service model.  

I refer to these BITS services as our Bread and Butter offerings and without the Helpdesk customers would be faced with googling and frustration over every technical support issue.  Our Helpdesk now shows that we have closed over 500,000 tickets and due to this we are going to have to add another significant digit soon to ticket numbers!

BITS was founded in 2005 as a partnership between 2 brothers, Jason Jarvis and Justin Jarvis in Boulder, CO.  BITS was re-incorporated in 2010 to add the “Inc” and to re-organize our efforts.  The full company name was changed to Bolder IT Solutions, Inc and DBA’s for BITS, BITSHelpdesk and others have been attached.

I fondly refer to BITS as BITS.  It’s an easy acronym that has become well known in Colorado business circles.

So, what’s ahead and where are we going?  

BITS is focused on existing customers. I believe that business growth starts from the inside out.  Existing customers are the reason why we’ve made it this far and we aim to support existing customers and continue to grow with them as they leverage new technologies.

BITS is recruiting.  We are recruiting both reliable talent and ideal customers.  Ideal customers are those that value technology and include technology as an imperative part of their overall strategic plan.  On a similar note BITS values talent and the hands that help us meet the demands of our customers. The talent we leverage comes in the form of contractors, vendors, and direct hire.  Word-of-mouth is our most reliable method for recruiting both talent and new business relationships.  (Spread-the-word!)

BITS has no Marketing Department.  I have officially renamed marketing efforts as Messaging and Communications.  I feel that as long as we are getting the right message out and our customers are informed then that is the most beneficial for all.

BITS is a Seasoned I-o-T provider enabling Smart networks.  More technology is everywhere.  This requires extending the network in all directions. On the ground this means more Ethernet, more switches, more WIFI, more IP addresses and more automated processes to make sense of it all.  

BITS has modernized and re-compiled our cloud hosting platforms and we consider them to be the goto for a next generation of multi-cloud services.  Now we have to operate cohesively and transparently with other cloud services like Azure, AWS, Google, and Private Clouds.

BITS sells and delivers Internet services, anywhere.  BITS also provides multi-site fast VPN and SDWan services using very fast Elliptical curve encryption (aka private cloud).

BITS builds fast computers and networks.  Performance computing is one of our specialties.

Little bit about me (Jason Jarvis)

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I am a Mechanical Engineer. I actually went to school to design power systems, cars, and rockets. I realized that computers and technology were my ticket to get there.

I got my first computer job, outside of the farm, when I was a freshman at Texas A&M (circa 1995).  My first job was a full time night shift position and was physically cleaning computers at a large hardware repair depot.

I worked my way up to the bench doing low level repair that included replacing resistors, capacitors, and lots of soldering.  Before long I was head of the server bench and worked with building fast disk arrays on old Unix and OS/2 and Windows NT platforms.

I then went to work for a white-box builder and networking company where I pursued my original network certifications including Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco.  I obtained Microsoft MCSE in 1998 and then became a Microsoft Certified Trainer teaching Windows 2000 Active Directory.  In 2002 I obtained CISSP which is still the top Network Security Credential in the industry.  

Again, Thank you very much and Happy New Year 2019

Jason Jarvis
Main BITS line:  720-710-0101